Monday, July 14, 2008

Episode #19

Listen to Episode #19

We are still on the Provenance story by Cruise. Please check out her website here at: Clububer2000. Please send her an email and let her know you are enjoying the story I am reading.

The song you hear on this show is by Sarah McLachlan "Answer".

This is my last pre-recorded show and I will be returning from vacation and starting a new show upon my return / recovery!

Thank you for the emails saying that you miss me! Makes me feel better to know the show is growing in popularity!

Send all emails, suggestions and anything else you can think of to .

Til next "LIVE" show!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Episode #18

Listen to Episode #18

Hello and Happy 4th of July to everyone!

We continue on with the Provenance story by Cruise; you can visit her website here and make sure you send her an email to tell her about how you like or dislike the story!

Having a great time whilst on vacation and enjoying my time with my family. Hope no one is going thru withdrawls whilst I am away as I am endeavouring to post new episodes almost every week (although pre-recorded).

Thanks for all the emails on the podcast and life in general, it's nice to know all those who I have touched in some aspect!

If you want to send me an email on anything you might want to say or chat about, you can reach me at